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Modular Gateway CANopen FAQ



Is it possible to get CANopen running on RevPi connect through RevPi ConCAN without Modular Gateway CanOpen?

Is it is possible to use the Modular Gateway CANopen with SocketCan?

  • No, the Gateway Modules unfortunately cannot be used for other protocols.

  • But the Con CAN Module implements a CAN network interface on the RevPi Connect Module. So it should be possible to implement socket CAN with any libraries or programs.


For technical reasons it is not possible to send a CANOPEN ID-0 Start command. Does commissioning also work without the ID-0 Start command?

No, unfortunately, this is not possible.

in CANopen a device must be started (CAN-ID 0x00 DLC 2, Byte 0 := 0x05, Byte 1 := Node-ID or 0x00) to be able to exchange process data. The device must be in the "Operational" state.

The CANopen communication is specified a Finite State Machine

Is the CANopen gateway able to work with regular CANbus with 11 and 29bit Identifier, i.e. CAN 2.0?

The CANopen gateway does not support 29bit Identifier.

The CiA recommendation for CANopen is TO NOT use the 29-bit identifiers at all. Also, there is no specification on how 29-bit IDs could be used.

How can I Set up more PDOs for the CANopen Gateway Module to send more than 32 Bytes?

If you want to send more data than 32 Bytes, you have to set up more PDOs. A maximum of 64 bytes can be sent.
To send more data, several PDOs (PDO (5...8) RX/TX) must be created. You can do this with the CANopen SDO protocol.

Here you will find some general information about CANopen and about the SDO Protocol.

Here you can find some basics about the CANopen fieldbus protocol.

The page is currently only available in German. You can translate the page into your language with a translation tool. We recommend "deepl" for this purpose

Information about the CANopen GW Module


How to connect the RevPi Con CAN module to a CAN Bus?

The following forum thread discusses how to connect the RevPi Con CAN module and how to wire it.